The whole world is trembling with the terror with the sudden outbreak of a deadly virus. People are maintaining social distancing and are avoiding commutation completely. But there are certain works that needs to be conducted and requires some amount of travelling. But do you think buses and public vehicles are a safe bet? No one would want to risk their life because even the slightest of faults can lead to big trouble. A general train or bus can lead to the transmission of this deadly disease and should be avoided at all costs!

But certain travel commitments cannot be avoided or ignored. The question now arises as to how you can make your travelling plans sorted without posing any threat to your health. Well, we have the answer to this critical question. A private cab hire from a responsible and renowned car rental company is the correct choice. Public gathering and socializing is a threat and so solo travel in a sanitized car is the only a safe option left for you. You can keep yourself and the community safe by self-distancing yourself and so private cab hire turns out to be a wise decision.

Tips for Safe Travel

Don’t panic! If you follow certain precautions and measures, you can travel easily among this pandemic outbreak without infecting yourself and your family members. You just need to follow certain tips and guidelines for a safe commutation


Avoid Group Travel

We all know that COVID-19 is a highly contagious disease and so maintaining a distance from the crowd keep us on the protected side. Travelling solo and safe makes a clever move at this point.


Make Sure the Driver Is Safe And Sound

Enquire about the driver’s health conditions at the time of private cab hire. An infected driver can pass on the disease to your body in no time.


Check the Vehicle’s Sanity

The car must be clean and sanitized properly and to ensure this, always opt for a private cab hire from a recommended car hire company. BN Taxi Anytime guarantees safe and risk-free travel for its customers during this critical time.


Take Easy and Shorter Routes

Avoid long routes and long travel hours. Take shorter routes where possible and a customized route plan can only be executed in a private cab hire.


Wear Appropriate Masks and Gloves

WHO recommends the use of safety gear such as masks and hand gloves to avoid disease transmission! Make sure to sanitize and wash yourself the moment you reach your destination.


Carry a Small Bottle of Sanitizer or Disinfectant

Always keep a small bottle of sanitizer handy and keep using it from time to time during your travel. Also do not forget to sanitize your cell phones and suitcases and wipe them for safety reasons!


COVID-19 is a deadly disease that has imposed a great threat to humanity. Let’s not give up and fight back fiercely. Some basic precautionary moves can help you surpass this difficult time with ease. BN Taxi Anytime is there with you and ensures uninterrupted service in this difficult time. Have a safe travel!