We understand how important following the safety protocol in this pandemic is. You and your health occupya prime spot and all the services of BN Taxi Anytime complies with certain precautions and measures that can give you safe as well as contamination free travel. Availing a corporate car hire in this COVID-19 can be a cause of concern but with certain safety tips, you can easily overcome risks.
Safety Measures You Need To Follow!
Book Your Corporate Car Hire From a Reliable Taxi Service in Brighton
If you have an important business meeting or a commutation requirement that cannot be delayed, you need a reserve a safe corporate car hire service! If you choose a reliable company in Brighton, you can be assured of the car’s condition and security checks. With BN Taxi Anytime, you are always in safehands.
Enquire For Sanitization Details
“Sanitization” is the word that has acquired utmost importance in this COVID-19 and this being the need of the hour, you cannot take any chances with your health. While booking your corporate car hire, you should ask the taxi provider about the sanitization and hygiene practises that they follow and make sure that the vehicle is cleaned before and after each use. This highly contagious virus needs to be defeated with all the strength.
Take the Safest and the Shortest Route to Your Destination
It is advised to stay indoors in this tough time but if it’s an inevitable professional commitment, and you need to book a corporate car hire, make sure that your driver takes you through the safest route to your destination. Avoid over-crowded roads and take the shortest possible way to reach your drop location.
Check Out For Drivers Health Details Prior To Boarding
Before you start with your trip, ensure that your driver is fit to escort you. Corporate car hire comes with a chauffeur service and our taxi company conducts health-checks on the driver to rule out any fears or concerns. The drivers wear proper masks and undergo a complete temperature check before resuming their duty. They maintain appropriate social distance throughout the trip.
Use the Sanitizers Frequently
Frequent hand sanitization is suggested by major health institutions to stop the virus spread. The passengers are advised to carry a portable hand sanitizer and use it on a regular interval.
Make Online Payments (No-Touch)
BN TAXI anytime gives you an impeccable taxi service with all modern facilities that make things easier for you. Our corporate car hire can be booked online at our website where you get a no-obligation instant quote! The payment gateways allow you to make easy online payments through cards or online banking transactions that make it a hassle-free affair! Cash transactions should be strictly avoided for a safe, no-touch service.
So the next time you have an urgent business meeting do not fail to contact us! With BN Taxi Anytime, you can travel safely in a corporate car hire and fulfil all your business commutation needs!