The havoc of this pandemic has disrupted normality! Lifestyle has undergone a marvellous change and people are struggling to resume back to normal life! And this second wave of the monstrous virus is even deadlier than ever! But does life and movement stops for anyone? Certainly not! We need to conduct the most essential of tasks to keep life moving! What is needed is some diligent precaution and prevention to escape the wrath of this calamity. Travelling and commutation in a private taxi hire in Brighton can still be resumed but with certain safety tips as laid down under:
# Tip 1
Wear Mask during Travel
Mask protects you from the virus transmission! It has become the new essential in this pandemic and should not be avoided or ignored at any cost!
# Tip 2
Social Distancing Is the Key to Safety
When travelling in a private taxi hire in Brighton, always keep a safe distance from the driver or the other co-passengers. A gap of atleast 6 feet is the recommended norm! This hinders the virus transmission from person to person.
# Tip3
Wash & Sanitize
Regularly wash your hands and keep them germ-free. You can also carry a hand sanitizer with you and keep it handy for a quick sanitization process. A Sanitizer Solution with 60%-70% alcohol strength works as the best germ fighter.
# Tip 4
Do not Touch Exposed Surface
When traveling in public, be aware of your surroundings! Be it a private taxi hire in Brighton or a train or flight travel, the surfaces should not be touched unnecessarily! If you get in close contact with any suspicious object, sanitize yourself immediately!
# Tip 5
Make Online Payments Where Possible
“No Cash Transactions” in this pandemic! Try and avoid physical contact as much as possible. Online payment transfers are the safest thing to do! A Private taxi hire in Brighton receives payment through online portals!
# Tip 6
Do not Travel, If Sick
Last but definitely not least it’s your responsibility to keep yourself and the others safe! If you are feeling unwell, or feverish, avoid travelling at all cost. You do not want others to suffer because of you, Right!

Choose the Safest Private Taxi Hire in Brighton
If you are feeling reluctant about commutating in public, then rely only upon the best and the safest cab hire company in Brighton and Hove! We at BN TAXI anytime are taking ultimate safety precautions to make your journey a secure and pleasant experience. We are following the highest standard of safety measures in this COVID-19as laid down by the governing bodies. Our vehicles are sanitized after each trip and the drivers undergo complete health-check before resuming the duties. Our online booking and payment system makes it a no-contact process for you and your family. So, if there is an urgent corporate meeting or a quick airport transfer, we are there for the safest travel in Brighton!