As the world turned upside down with this virus invasion, our life is not like before! Everything that we do and every step that we take needs cautiously and well-calculated assumptions! Travelling is not easy anymore and people are reluctant to go out and visit places. But certain works cannot be delayed and you cannot escape travelling. What to do in such a scenario? Should you book a private taxi or not! Do you have any other safer option to get escorted to your destination? This blog will answer your concerns and give you every possible way out to your problem!

Is It Safe To Travel in A Private Taxi?

Travelling or going out is not recommended with this virus outbreak, but we need to learn to live with it. We just cannot sit at home like cowards and allow this nuisance to hover around our peace and stability. Work commitments and other important matters in our day to day life need us to book a private taxi at some point. Just scrutinize the security checks conducted by the cab company you are considering associating yourself with! If optimum measures are followed, you may not fear to book a private taxi from such a company.

One company that is worth mentioning here is BN TAXI anytime! We are a private taxi service provider in Brighton and provide vehicles for airport transfer and other travelling needs. We care for our customers’ health more than anything else and so we are taking complete safety measures to ensure that our passengers have a safe and sound travelling experience!

Safety Checks That BN TAXI Anytime Follows!

  1. Vehicles Cleaned before Every Trip– When you travel in a private taxi in Brighton, you need to be double sure about the cab’s interiors, cleaning and hygiene! BN TAXI anytime cleans the vehicles before conducting a new trip and makes sure that the doors, handles; seats are all well prepared for the travellers!
  2. Taxis Fumigated at Regular Intervals– What if you travel amid pest infestation and feel utterly uncomfortable during the entire trip? Not with us at least! BN TAXI anytime fumigates its vehicles frequently to keep it free from any sort of nuisance and pests or insects.
  3. Temperature Check Conducted on Drivers– In this COVID-19, we need to be assured of the driver’s health and sanity. So we conduct a temperature check on our drivers before sending them on the trip. Infrared thermometer checking ensures the complete safety of the drivers and in turn of our passengers. We take care that you are not exposed to any kind of risk in our private taxi hire!
  4. Drivers Wear Proper Masks and Gloves– It is not unknown how important it is to cover our mouth and hand before going out in this pandemic. Our drivers carry all their protective wears in place and keep complete hygiene throughout the trip. You need not worry about your health and safety before booking a private taxi from BN TAXI anytime!