This COVID-19 has brought the world into an extreme downturn! People are confined in their homes and business and the economy is suffering like never before. Normal life has come to a standstill and all the major educational institutions and business houses are locked down. In such a situation people are not even considering making any travel plans. It is not safe either! But you can still travel if the situation demands. All you need to do is to follow certain DOs and DON’Ts while travelling in COVID-19

DO’s while travelling in COVID-19

  • Wear proper protective gear such as masks and gloves.
  • Do keep a safe distance from the fellow passengers
  • Be alert and try to book your private taxi.
  • Pre-book the cab hire to avoid any risk.
  • Carry a small sanitizer with you.
  • Carry lesser luggage and belongings.

DON’Ts to follow while travelling in COVID-19

  • Don’t crowd on the road.
  • Don’t travel in public transports. Try and book your private cab from a reliable car hire company.
  • Don’t choose longer destinations
  • Don’t sit close to the driver or other fellow travellers
  • Do not touch the vehicle’s parts unnecessarily
  • Don’t take help in loading and unloading your luggage.

How reliable are Private Car Hire Companies?

Many taxi companies are still providing valuable service in the UK in this pandemic and claim to be 100% safe and secure. But you are always advised to do your research work before booking a taxi from a company. Go through the customer’s testimonials and a detailed investigation regarding the taxi company’s background. Look out for what they offer and the pricing factor. In this pandemic, you should always check the sanitization process that the company adopts to maintain the health and sanity of the passengers.

BN Taxi Anytime is a reliable taxi service provider in Brighton that can be chosen for a safe travel commitment.

Why Are We A Preferred Option?

  • Our Vehicles– We have a wide range of wagon options for our clients and they canchoose the vehicle as per their needs. Common taxi, minicab, luxury cars all are available for different budgets and different needs. We take special care of sanitizing our car seats and car parts to prevent the spread of this deadly virus. Our vehicles are completely safe for travelling purposes.
  • Our Chauffeur Service– We provide trained drivers to escort you to your destination in the most comfortable way. We conduct a temperature check of our employees to ensure that the drivers are fit to serve you.
  • Our Pricing and Booking– Bookings can be made through our website through easy clicks or even through a phone call. You can check our Value-Travel packs and choose accordingly. We provide the most competitive pricing for our services.

Our Overall Customer Support– It is our policy to take complete care of our valued customers and so we have built up a channel of customer care executives to help you in case you need our assistance! Our trained customer support personnel are always there to solve your doubts and queries.