Taxi services are still available in the UK during this lockdown. Taxi services in Brighton have made commutation easier and people can easily travel in need. But despite several efforts, this virus is spreading like fire and to curb its spread further, people need to follow strict rules and sanitization measures. Stepping out of your house can make you more vulnerable to this infection. But certain measures and carefulness can avert this danger. BN TAXI anytime guides its passengers with certain tips to follow while travelling in a pre-booked taxi hire.

The Need to Travel

Avoiding taxis and cabs completely can be an imaginary and non-practical concept as you may have some important and basic travelling needs. You may have an ailing family member whom you need to see. You may have some urgent business travel requirement. You may be a media personality and may need to reach somewhere for media coverage or maybe a medical staff! There are plenty of unexplainable commitments that cannot be entirely avoided by you. Here comes the need of booking a taxi service in Brighton. You can visit our website and can easily book the required vehicle.

How Safe Travelling Can Be!

Not entirely! Travelling can be a risk undertaken only under emergency circumstances. But we, BN TAXI anytime make sure that you can travel in thesafest manner. We sanitize our vehicle after every booking. All the seats, handles, window bars are wipe cleaned so that you do not encounter any danger. The drivers are tested for any symptoms before they resume duty so that they do not pose any threat to the travellers’ health. Utmost care is taken while riding and the fastest route is adopted to make the trip short and safe.

Travellers Guide

If you are a worried traveller who cannot avoid the upcoming commutation schedule then this guide is surely for you. Don’t worry before booking a private taxi service from us as we are here to help you with some important and effective precautionary moves. The highly sanitized vehicle at your doorstep can help you avoid any chaos and you can straightforward board the taxi for your trip. Just follow these below-mentioned guides and you are good to go!

  1. Do not forget to carry a sanitizer dipped tissue along with you and wipe the handles of the taxi before holding the gate.
  2. Try not to sit in front and always be seated on the rear seat to maintain social distance from the driver.
  3. Wear a mask as instructed by the medical authorities.
  4. Try to load and unload your luggage all by yourself to avoid any contact with the chauffeur.
  5. Payments should be made through cards whenever possible. Currency notes are one of the biggest transmitters of this deadly virus.

There is nothing more important than your safety and BN TAXI anytime takes utmost care of maintaining it. We wish you all a safe travel and a safe time ahead!