With the ongoing pandemic, lots of people are refraining from travelling or booking Brighton taxis. The fear and concerns hovering around in the minds of people have created a swirl of anxiety. But let us mention that all the taxi companies and private cab providers have come out with some safer options for the commuters and they are taking absolute care of the safety and hygiene. Here are the 5 precautionary measures that BN TAXI anytime assures before you board our cab for a short or long trip!

Well Fumigated and Cleaned Cars

BN TAXI anytime offers you hygenic vehicles as we fumigate our cars and clean them at regular intervals. The seats are comfortable and steam cleaning helps us provide a fresh and neat interior to our riders. The locks and the safety gears are all checked properly before we allow the vehicle for use.

Pre and Post-ride Sanitization

We are taking 3X precautions in this pandemic disaster and so we never fail to sanitize our Brighton taxis before and after each ride. We value the safety of our passengers and the staff members and so you will never face any sort of discomfort. Sanitizations help stop the spread of the deadly virus and we take appropriate measures to keep transmission and contamination under control.

Flexible Booking and Cancellations

It is not a favourable time for any of us and BN TAXI understands this. So we allow quick booking and easy cancellation to our clients. You can make an online booking from your comfort place and feed your trip details. You can also avail of “ZERO CANCELLATION CHARGES” if it is done within 6 hours. Such a facility will not be provided by any cab service in Brighton.

Mandatory Use Of Face Masks For The Borders As Well As Drivers

Face masks are known to keep a check on the spread of this coronavirus and we have made it mandatory for both the passengers and the drivers to use the appropriate face cover to safeguard themselves. The boarders are insisted on having a thorough hand cleansing (with sanitizers)  before they take up the ride.

Health Check Before The Chauffeurs Resume Duty

It is our prime duty to provide you with the safest Brighton taxis and so along with all the other protocols, we have made all the necessary arrangements to offer you a clean ride. The drivers are checked for the appropriate body temperature and undergo timely health scrutiny to ensure a safe journey for the passengers. We will never put you and your family through any risk!  

No Touch Payment

You can easily pay for the invoices through no-contact methods! Use of cards and wallets are encouraged and you can pay at our websites through easy checkout options. We offer secure payment gateways so that you and your money are safe. So the next time you fear travelling in Brighton taxis give us an opportunity to show our worth and reliability.