The situation all around the world is well-known to everyone and everyone is trying to take optimum measures to protect oneself from this deadly pandemic. Staying indoors is practised by everyone around. But some necessary commitments cannot be ignored and has to take place. One such need can be your travelling requirements. You may have a flight to catch or an important event to attend. But the question is how you can afford to risk your life and go out in such a situation! Travelling in a Pandemic is never advised by anyone!

 Worry not dear friends! BN Taxi Anytime is there at your service and is promising you a safe and sound escort to your destination. Yes, we are serving you in this pandemic outbreak. Weare serving the society as the welfare of the people is our main motto. We cannot sit aloof and watch the people suffering due to lack of private taxis and minicab hire. And we are following every possible precaution to make your trip a risk-free one!

Along with this, there are certain key points that you must keep in mind while travelling. Let us have a look at those moves:

  1. Pre-Book Your Vehicle

The foremost thing to do when travelling in a pandemic crisis is to pre-book your taxi! Public transportation is non-reliable and is facing disrupted service at this crucial time. Booking a taxi before-hand gives you surety and confidence about your travel plans. Moreover, during this crisis only a few taxi providers are plying on road, so to cope up with the “high demand and less supply” graph, prior booking is always advised.

  1. Keep Your Route Shorter

We all are advised to follow the self-quarantine to keep at a distance from the outside world. But if for some important reason, you cannot avoid going out, it is always on the safer side to keep your route shorter. Avoid travelling to longer distances and avoid multiple stops! Getting down from the vehicle at multiple junctions can expose you to the risk and you cannot afford to take one at this point of time. Shorter routes are quick and easy to handle!

  1. Wear Proper Safety Gears

Do not leave your home without the protective masks and the protective gloves when travelling in a pandemic! Virus contamination takes place even at the slightest of mistake and so to protect yourself and your family from this unforeseen danger, you should always have your protective gears. Also do not forget to carry a bottle of hand sanitizer with you!

  1. Avoid Travelling in Groups

“Social Distancing” is the new word trending on the internet! And it is not for no reason! Only this method can save you from the viral attack of this deadly pandemic. Since the vaccines are not yet available as of now, only precautions can help you keep this COVID-19 at bay! Solo travelling will keep you on the safer side and you can very well take care of yourself!